Welcome to Espiritu Santo

The Espiritu Tourism Association welcomes you to their website where you'll find everything you need to know to about accommodation venues, tours, activities and facilities to make your visit to Espiritu Santo an unforgettable experience.

ESPIRITU SANTO – or Santo as this beautiful Northern Vanuatu Island is fondly known as, is the largest of the 83 Vanuatu Islands and you will truly be treated to an “away from the masses” holiday experience when you come and visit this unrushed Northern region of Vanuatu. Spanning out over an area of 4,010 square kilometres Santo oozes a natural beauty that despite its discovery being 3 centuries ago, still remains largely untouched and unspoilt.

Espiritu Santo, more than any other island in Vanuatu, attracts divers like a magnet. Dive world renowned President Coolidge, Million Dollar Point, and many other ship and plane wrecks, explore the many pristine reefs. 

The majestic beauty of Santo is what inspired James A. Michener to write his classic "Tales of the South Pacific." 

Amid Santo’s natural beauty, discover coconut palm tree fringed beaches with powdery white sand, freshwater Blue Holes surrounded by natural rain forest, underground caves that hide natural wonders, jewel-like Islands that lie within easy access and an underwater world full of wrecks, reefs and fish. 


Go snorkelling and kayaking, fishing or sailing, trek by land or on horseback, and get an insight into Ni-Vanuatu culture and Santo’s involvement in WW11. Take a stroll down the main street of Luganville. Visit the local Mama’s market with its colourful sarongs and must take home souvenirs, taste local produce from the organic vegetable and fruit market and make sure you try Santo’s world famous organic beef and drink some Kava.

Air Vanuatu operates a weekly 2 ½ hour flight direct from Brisbane to Santo with more flights available from June. Alternatively, visitors from Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Fiji can take a domestic flight north from Port Vila and in 45 minutes – Welcome to Espiritu Santo.

View this website to find accommodation and activity options, facility facts and everything else you need to know about Espiritu Santo. Every operator has their own contact details so for any enquiries, please make sure you contact them direct.

Air Vanuatu was formed over 29 years ago in December 1987, the airline has served Vanuatu proudly, bringing visitors and residents to and from the beautiful islands of Vanuatu.

Air Vanuatu has played a major role in establishing Vanuatu as a tourist and investment destination in the last two decades, particularly in it's closest markets, Australia and New Zealand, and will continue to do so in the future

Air Vanuatu today operates a new next generation Boeing 737-800 on its international services to and from Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu.

The launch of a new aircraft livery on the 737-800 captures the true essence of the Vanuatu islands: the sea, sand, mountains and vegetation. Calm interior colours, leather seats and the welcoming smiles of our Ni Vanuatu cabin crew make the inflight experience on Air Vanuatu one you will enjoy..

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