Health and Safety, Embassies and High Commissions


Vanuatu's second largest hospital, Northern District Hospital, is located less than a 5 minute drive from down­town Luganville. Just next to the Northern District Hospital is Espiritu Santo's Dental clinic. Medical services outside of Luganville are scarce. You'll find some villages have aid posts and/or rural nurses; however their supplies of medication and treatment services are limited. In the unlikely event of an emergency (serious injury or medical condition) travellers may require medical evacuation to more modern facilities in Australia, New Zealand or New Caledonia, so travel insur­ance is strongly recommended. Divers are also advised to have dive insurance.

Urban tap water is safe to drink from the tap however when travelling to outer islands it's advisable to take drinking water. Bottled water can be readily purchased from Luganville however supplies in the outer islands are limited.

Hepatitis B and tuberculosis exist through­out the islands but should be of no concern to travellers, if normal precautions are taken.


Malaria is a potential risk in Vanuatu and doctors may recommend taking preventative medication. Travellers staying primarily in the Luganville are at much less risk of contracting malaria than those travelling to more remote areas. Anti malarial drugs do not prevent malaria infection but can significantly reduce the risk of becoming seriously ill. If you are travelling for extended periods in rural areas, antimalarial medication and/or travelling with a malaria treatment kit is recommended. Caution: Most malaria medications increase the risk of sunburn, hence it is important to bring 30+ sun cream with you, even in winter.

The best protection is to avoid bitten so be sure to pack your mozzie spray. Sprays containing DEET will offer the most effective protection.

Travellers are advised to seek expert advice before travelling to Vanuatu on how to manage their potential exposure to malaria. Divers should be aware that Larium can cause problems for divers and an alternative anti malarial medication may be recommended.


Summer clothing is appropriate year round with a light jumper recommended for the cooler evenings in July and August. You should feel free to wear comfortable dress around your resort but dress more conservatively when entering town or travelling beyond Luganville.

Embassies and High Commissions

Australia: (678) 22777

China (Peoples Republic of China): (678) 23598

France: (678) 28700

New Zealand: (678) 22933