Surrounding Islands

Malo Island

Malo is the second largest island in Sanma Province. It is 17km long and 13 km wide. Lapita people moving southward towards New Caledonia and Fiji first arrived in Malo around 1400 BC, making Malo the first island in the Vanuatu island chain to be settled. Over time, trade routes were established, connecting northern Malakula with Espiritu Santo. The people of Malo purchased Pandanus from Tangoa island, which were then traded for Malakula shell money.

Malo is a lovely place to spend a day or several days getting close to rural life. There are regular speedboats from Malo Landing on Espiritu Santo to Avunatari on west Malo. You can arrange public transport from Luganville to Malo Landing - about a 15 minute drive. Avunatari is a well organized community with a medical centre and a private guest house for visitors.

Aore Island

Aore's east coast has intermittent stretches of coral shallows and white beaches. At the northern tip of Port Benier Bay is a profusion of beautiful coral growth in clear blue water. A white sandy beach stretches all along the bay's south eastern shore, with another sandy inlet at Aimbuei Bay. There are water taxis available to transport you over. 10 minute ride will cost you 1000 vatu one way. Ask your accommodation provider or visit Santo Travel in Luganville.

Tutuba Island

The small population of Tutuba Island live in villages along the north-western shore. The island is 7km long and just 2.5km wide at its widest point. There are footpaths around the southern end of the island. Golden beaches line the west coast and the island boasts some wonderful snorkelling and diving sites. Boats to Tutuba can be chartered at Million Dollar Point.

Bokissa Island

Also known as Voisa or Abokisa Island, Bokissa is an attractive, low-lying island covered with rainforest and coconut palms. A number of walking tracks cut across the 64 hectare island, with lovely sandy beaches along the south-western shores. Bokissa Island is owned by Bokissa Island Resort and use of the island is reserved exclusive for their guests.