Public Transport

There is no public transport system in Vanuatu. Privately owned mini buses are common and run unspecified routes through municipal areas. These buses have a red 'B' on their number plate. Buses do not have a fixed route so you simply need to flag one down and tell the driver where you wish to stop. Bus fares are 100 Vt within town limits and start from 200 Vt for areas out of town. Customers are brought to their destinations usually in the order in which they board the bus so if you flag a bus and there are 2 people in the bus already, these 2 people will mot likely be dropped first, followed by you.

Taxis have a red “T” on their number plate plus most of them have taxi signs on top of their vehicles. These are also plentiful and begin at 200vt for around the main part of Luganville, but it is recommended that you agree on a fare before you get into the taxi and start towards your destination.

To get to other parts of Santo, if you're feeling adventurous, utilities are licensed to carry passengers and can be found at the Markets.These are pick-up trucks where passengers sit in the open back of the vehicle taking in the sunshine, breeze (and sometimes the rain!) en route to their destinations. Transports are clearly labelled with the word "transport" appearing somewhere along the side of the truck. While a fun way to travel, keep in mind that most drivers don't have insurance. Injuries and rolled transports are not common but it can happen.

If the back of a utility is not your ideal mode of travel, Tour busses can be chartered to places outside of Luganville, with prior arrangement.

Most bus, taxi and transport drivers speak enough English to provide good service. French is also widely spoken in Espiritu Santo and your driver may be able to provide assistance in French as well. It can be difficult to get transport to sites beyond Luganville's paved roads on Sundays when the town seems to be sleeping. If you need transport on the weekend, in the evening or to a destination somewhat out of town, it is recommended that you try to arrange your transport in advance. Some resorts will be able to assist you in arranging taxis and buses.

Air Vanuatu is the only domestic airline to offer regular services between islands, though there are a limited number of charter aircrafts. Inter Island trading vessels also depart for the islands on a semi-regular basis.

Vehicle Hire

There are places where you can hire vehicles in Luganville on this website.