Custom Life

Espiritu Santo's ni-Vanautu (of Vanuatu) tour operators can take you too many remote villages where life is still very fundamental.

See custom colourful dress, primitive lifestyle, abundant gardens.

Get caught up with the rhythm of the dancers and the sound of ancient drums beating.

Watch the ladies preparing, dying and weaving their incredible clothes, mats and baskets.

Join the men in the preparation and drinking our traditional drink – kava. Watch and listen as they recount their ancient folklore and draw their legends in the sand.

Your Hotel or Resort staff can give you information and contacts for these remarkable adventures.

Paradise Tours

Luke Tokar, the friendly face of Paradise Tours can take you on a variety of tours throughout Santo.


Santo Heritage Tours

Santo Heritage Tours can provide indepth, exclusive knowledge of Santo's unique attractions and history.


Wrecks to Rainforest

The warm clear waters and fascinating nature of the untouched island paradise of Vanuatu is host to a variety of world famous ship wrecks, beautiful coral reefs, crystal and mysterious clear blue holes, white sand beaches, spectacular caves