Espiritu Santo Island is the largest Island in Vanuatu.

One Day Trekking

Millennium Cave: About an hour drive from Luganville town. Walk through the jungle to the Vunaspef village over the hand made bamboo bridge. Only discovered and created by a young man in the Vunaspef village and Santo explorer Glen Russell in 2000. Explore the dark cave full of bats and sparrows, high ceiling about 50 meters high, 3-4 km long, and have splash in the waterfall. Have a break for lunch in the tropical rainforest on the river side, then most amazing experience, swim down the river in the tropical gorge. And then more bush walking back to Vunaspef village.

Blue Pool Adventure: Just opened up on May 2007 by Vunaspef village. About half an hour walk from the village, you will see a pool of the river where you can swim, jump off wall, then you swim and walk through the river to meet bamboo rudder, you can get on it if you are tired or you don't like to swim much. Walk and swim three different rivers with different scenery, very pretty in the tropical jungle. One of the rivers is full of coral and sea shells from long ago.

Port Orly Village & Dolphin Rock Climbing: About one and half hour drive to the quiet fisherman's village "Port Orly" in North East coast, ride small boat to the Dolphin Island, walk to the clear water lake, then climb up for about an hour to the top of the Island called "Dolphin Rock" to see the view of the whole village, and other brown lake, back to the white sand beach for lunch and swim or snorkel in the crystal clear ocean for as long as you like.

Vatthe Conservation Area: The Vatthe Conservation Area is located at the southern end of Big Bay on the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. It covers 2,276 hectares of lowland alluvial rainforest owned by the communities of Sara and Matantas. Bush walking and bird watching are popular visitor activities in this protected area. Some 44 species of birds may be seen here. A memorial to Pedro Quirres, the first European to discover Vanuatu in 1606, is located on the beach near Vatthe Conservation area. Vatthe Lodge is an island bungalow attached to the conservation area, there is also camping facilities and a fabulous black sand beach.

Loru Rainforest Protected Area: The Loru Rainforest Protected Area covers 220 hectares of lowland rainforest on the east coast of Vanuatu's largest island of Santo. It is one of the last areas of representative forest on the east of the island and supports a surprisingly rich diversity of species, including a number of important endemic and restricted range animals, trees and plants. Bush walking and bird watching are popular visitor activities in this conservation area. Loru hosts about 30 bird species including 5 Vanuatu endemics. Loru also has a bat cave and is an important refuge for coconut crabs.

For Extreme Trekker

Vunaspef Village Stay with 3 days trekking: Trekking is the best way to experience, and learn Ni-Vanuatu (Vanuatu people) normal way of life and culture. Stay at their local hut, sleep on the sleeping bag on their grass weaving mat, eat their local rap rap (food wrapped in a leaf, then cook on the ground), have cold shower on out yard, experience Kava ceremony (not like normal Kava bar in town), sing along with their string band.. With 3 days trekking, Millennium Cave tour, Blue Pool tour, and Green Adventure tour.

Marakai Custom Village Tour: You will be transported to Namoru village in South Santo about an hour from Luganville. There you leave your vehicle, start your walk with guides from Namoru village. Walk along side of the Wylapa River, swim across the river, and head for high attitude. On the way up, the guide will show you "the rock" which they believe is the "Ark of Noah", and you can have a small rest to see how far you walked up. There are many villages there for you to stay. It is recommended 3 nights 4 days for the minimum stay. 1st night stay at a near by village, then your 2nd night at a true custom village "Marakai", and then Charakatui village for your last night. Every village will welcome you with a Kava ceremony, then feed you with their normal meal like Taro and Island cabbage… They only eat meat on special occasions but they don't know you are coming to their village until you get arrive, so don't expect to receive big feast...

And more...

It has Vanuatu's highest peaks, Mt Tabwemasana at 1879m, Mt Kotamtam at 1747m, Mt Tawaloala at 1742m, and Santo Peak at 1704m above sea level, and the longest river, the Jordan River. There are many excellent hikes available in Santo.

Freshwater Plantation

Just minutes from town a tropical oasis of botanical gardens, cocoa and coconut groves, a bat cave, rainforest and renowned restaurant awaits your very special day visit, guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your stay in Santo.


Paradise Tours

Luke Tokar, the friendly face of Paradise Tours can take you on a variety of tours throughout Santo.


Santo Discovery Tours

Santo Discovery Tours offers full and half day tours to Santo's attractions, plus airport transfers.


Santo Heritage Tours

Santo Heritage Tours can provide indepth, exclusive knowledge of Santo's unique attractions and history.


Wrecks to Rainforest

The warm clear waters and fascinating nature of the untouched island paradise of Vanuatu is host to a variety of world famous ship wrecks, beautiful coral reefs, crystal and mysterious clear blue holes, white sand beaches, spectacular caves