World War II

James Michener wrote 'Tales of the South Pacific' while stationed on Espiritu Santo, and Pappy Boyington joined up with the Black Sheep Squadron operating from the island.

Bomber missions operated from one of the three bomber fields through much of the war but the major fronts moved north, away from Vanuatu and the focus switched to maintenance and repair as well as a base for strategic command.

Espiritu Santo was a supply base and this meant that there was always plenty of good food and warm beer. Bloody Mary was a real person and a hero of the enlisted men. She supplied local women and cheap booze for Yankee dollars. She was Tonkinese and lived in Luganville until the 1990's.

The importance of the base during the war can still be seen in the infrastructure that is left behind. Many buildings and facilities built during the war are still used today. The aircraft pictured were parked at Bomber 2 airfield, used today as Espiritu Santo's Pekoa international airport.

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